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L'Occitane, London

Starting in London on one of the most iconic shopping streets, Regent Street, a formidable flagship has been launched by a famous French beauty, skincare and fragrance brand. Radiating warmth, colour
and vitality, this exquisite new emporium is full of French flair.

The L’Occitane store has huge street presence. The windows are laden with a plethora of plants in all shapes and sizes forming a botanical garden that frames the windows and leads your eye across the numerous, delightful instore displays. The company anticipated this green oasis would captivate passersby and become an Instagramable feature, it definitely caught my eye!

Step inside the 6,450 square foot store and you are immediately transported a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Regent Street into a serene and calm world. It is meticulously merchandised, fabulously fitted out and skilfully lit. An abundance of display props and features fuse seamlessly with the product and their well designed fixtures and fittings. FutureBrand UXUS collaborated with L’Occitane to create a fully immersive experience store. Although heavily merchandised, the Regent
Street mecca offers a rare degree of fluidity and spaciousness. Ergonomic display units lead you on a relaxed journey through the brand’s Provencal roots. From soaps, face, fragrance and hand care; each range has its own display table and unique story complete with lavish decoration.

On the ground floor wall and freestanding units are loaded with fragrant produce and ensconced in lush vegetation: real roses, lavender and moss shroud pillars that rise from the tables to the ceiling above, each revealing a particular product range. An enormous central display reaches right up through the ceiling to the floor above; flowers, vines and lights are entwined and cascade down through the arresting apex. A further collection of pot plants gather around the base, below the counter to complete the feature.
Cabinetry is extremely well crafted, artfully decorated and beautifully merchandised amidst an array of colour and texture to help bring the brand to life. The fresh, zingy colours are set off against a neutral toned
floor and brilliant white ceiling – dotted with spotlights. The lighting is sublime, you can almost feel the warmth of the South of France shining through this glorious environment, courtesy of the multiple gold
highlights which sparkle under the spots.

Although their previous stores were never dull or cluttered this is a real triumph for the high end retailer.
Another ingenious invention by the designers is the beauty bar with testing station plus macaron bar and cafe by Pierre Hermé Paris. The chic counter where you can sample hand creams and macarons simultaneously is located on the far side of the store. Styled much like a French patisserie having a wooden base, marble top and elegant glass display case, it is crowned with a honey coloured, tiled ceiling that emits a vibrant glow onto the neatly arranged produce and diffuses through the store. The area beckons you across the shop and invites you to sample its delights.

A grand staircase edged with gold and botanical imagery leads you to the floor above, where the atmosphere is even more relaxed and refined. The lower ceiling and natural wood floor convey a more
intimate vibe. The gold tiling is continued on sections of wall and mirrored above the circular bar. There is a café serving refreshments and more macarons, another product sampling station and a beauty
therapy area that provides a variety of holistic treatments. A dedicated counter offering a free gift wrapping service adds another dimension to this already divine interior.

L’Occitane’s fabulous flagship is a haven of sensory pleasure and is the epitome of beauty. Really worth a visit!

IMAGES – photographer Michael Franke.

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