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Harriet Kelsall, London

For our next review we visit a gem of a store in a lovely leafy lane in Primrose Hill, North London. The well-heeled Regent’s Park Road offers an eclectic retail mix and an altogether different approach to retail.

Situated on the corner of this affluent street in close proximity to Regent’s Park is a hidden treasure. Providing a fully bespoke service, Harriet Kelsall’s first London store provides its potential clients with a window into their exquisite jewellery, as well as their creative capabilities.

Everything in this store is custom made - that goes for both the product and the store fixtures. Handcrafted to the customers’ individual specifications, the pieces are artfully merchandised within equally well designed cabinetry. This is no ordinary jeweller, as well as offering a range of off the shelf creations their work is mostly to order and therefore truly individual, which is echoed throughout the design concept. Harriet Kelsall mixes the traditional art of the jeweller with a thoroughly contemporary outlook that conveys an urban aesthetic instore with the use of concrete, glass and wood. The design process is presented
through a relaxed, upmarket interior where you feel quite at ease to dwell over your own creative thoughts and ideas.

The exterior sets the scene; a blank canvas is achieved in this instance with a dark, inky grey shopfront that frames the door and windows allowing your eye to glide across the inside. A simple logo is all that sits above the window. Inside, near the front, a small work station is set to one side and a designer is on hand to offer assistance to would-be customers – a small table is dressed with an ultra modern, eccentric chandelier that infuses personality and charm. A long, low glass display case edged with light oak runs the entire length of the space and is positioned in the centre. The majority of the ‘off the
shelf’ range is displayed within it. The unit leads into the design studio situated at the rear - there is no barrier between the showroom and work area. The whole store is open plan which adds to the illusion
of space, for this is actually a very compact shop.

On the right side a row of colourful drawers line the length of the perimeter wall. Drawing inspiration from the gemstone chart these units contain mood boards that provide ideas and inspiration for the creation of unique jewellery. As you pull out each drawer it reveals a selection of mounted precious and semi precious stones, metals and visual aids. The wall behind is a significant feature of this mixed use space; made from formed concrete it provides a contrast to the darker grey shopfront, ceiling and studio, and displays the brand message in enormous lettering.

The bank of drawers, in their bright hues, leap out at you compelling you to take a peek, whilst the wording above informs your purchasing decisions. On the opposite side of the store, more functional styled, grey shelving is used to store workbooks and other literature. Above the shelving another three wall mounted showcases feature further items of unique jewellery. Other than a glow of light within the display cabinets to enhance the one off pieces, the lighting is fairly subdued allowing the brand’s message maximum prominence. Even though the designers are visibly hard at work the studio retains a calm, intimate atmosphere. This new store is a wonderful example of how retail and design combines to create an innovative and exciting experience store. Lumsden Design has struck the perfect balance for this novel brand.

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