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Chargeable lithium battery powers backlit LED pavement sign from Display Wizard

The LED street display is a new concept in pavement sign, unique in the fact that it is a permanent backlit sign that houses changeable marketing messages and is secure enough to be left outside an establishment at darker times of the day.

This product is exclusively owned in the UK by Display Wizard Ltd and is bound to help any organisation set themselves apart from the competition.

This LED pavement sign has an IP54 rating meaning it's highly weather-resistant for outdoor applications but can also be used for indoor promotion if required. It can fit easily-changeable A1 or A2 posters, whilst it also has optional print available below the poster area for a permanent brand name or logo.

The sign is powered by a chargeable lithium battery that delivers striking, even illumination to help stand out on the high street. The battery life is an impressive 8-10 hours and it comes with a transformer for charging during the day.

As the LED street display has not been widely used in the UK before, it provides a unique advertising tool to ensure that a business can promote their brand all hours of the day.

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