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Stunning retail illumination with arken’s LED panels

arken POP have made further enhancements to their Purelite LED panel, an LED light source display which is perfect for the retail environment.

Designed to be incorporated into the interior design of retail stores and create a striking feature, the Purelite LED panel can be used in a wide range of applications. Along with providing stunning back–illumination for products, they can be used for illuminating flooring sections, within freestanding displays or to illuminate shelving and counters.

The Purelite panel’s aluminium construction is supplied in a powder coated white finish which now features on all sides to offer an enhanced visual finish, flexibility for retail designers, as well as display and shop fitting companies. The fully assembled LED light panel can be supplied to a maximum of 3000mm x 1200mm dimensions, and can be used to create a huge ‘wall of light’, if required.

The product’s control gear and optional low voltage dimmer provide outstanding control of brightness levels, and additional wall brackets will help ease of installation, access and end-of-life removal.

“These unique features give our Purelite LED panel a point of difference and make it a highly suitable and cost effective means of providing illumination for almost any application within the retail space,” says arken’s Business Development Director Paul Smart.

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