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Wrights Plastics launch solid surface display header

Retail display specialists Wrights Plastics has been at the forefront of incorporating Solid Surface in retail display. The material’s durability and strength, as well as the extensive range of finishes and hues, is welcomed by retail interior designers. The West Bromwich manufacturer uses their nearly 50 years’ fabrication skills to inventively mould the material to create effective retail display solutions.
Their latest solid surface display product incorporates HD digital technology to create a slim & stylish display header that also incorporates interchangeable graphics. It can be manufactured in an almost unlimited range of textures and colours.

Into the cavity a clear lens and light sheet are inserted together with HD LED media screens. A 20mm u-shaped band creates a slot for interchangeable graphics creating an eye-catching, dynamic panel that can be updated regularly, easily and inexpensively. The prototype was attached to a standard off-the-shelf clothes rail to create a truly memorable display.

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