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W&Co motion sensing 'Hercules' light box with magic colour changing print media

Brand new to W&Co for 2017 the ‘Hercules’ motion sensor LED light box with colour changing SpectroLite backlit graphics is the perfect product for shop windows, retail POS, marketing suites, wayfinding ignage, leisure facilities and just about any environments with passers-by that you want to reach out to and get our
promotional message noticed.

The high quality German-made PIR motion sensor is discretely built internally into the robust framework, as up to 360° angle detection and allows the light box to be illuminated for a set duration of time from 10 seconds to 12 minutes; saving the owner potential running costs.

The motion activated LED light box is even more effective at grabbing potential customers’ attention than traditional non-lit displays or displays that are permanently illuminated that we often can become blind to when used in conjunction with W&Co’s innovative new print media which switches from black and white to a full-colour graphic as if by magic!

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