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T3 Systems and Olson Visual bring projection mapping in to the fold

Olson Visual, the specialist full service large format graphic printing house, partnered with T3 Systems to design and create a conference display wall for Encore Productions. The wall was installed at the Hyatt Centric Hotel located in Chicago, USA.

Olson Visual used the T3 modular framework system to create an 18 metre long conference display wall with a few key features that needed to be included into the design for the actual project. The brief called for a large display wall to be situated on the stage and serve as a back drop for the numerous speakers that were to present at the event. The design included two projection screens and custom cut out circles.

The projection screens consisted of rear projection film material which were edged in Velcro and stretched over the T3 bars. The screens were used to project a variety of slides, videos and PowerPoint media for the speakers to use during their presentations.

As for the custom ‘halo’ circles, these consisted of 1/4-inch-thick foam core board onto which LED tape was installed onto the back to give it the halo effect. The circles were then mounted on the framework and under graphic. Kelly Olson from Olson Visual commented, “Using the T3 System meant we could easily store and transport the entire structure as it fitted into 2 roller cases. We are hoping to create more walls like this for other hotels as this display was such a success.”

The structure was built by two members of the Olson Visual team in under 2 hours and a further 4 hours for the graphics, rear projection screens and custom cut out circles to be installed. Jonathan Evitt, Managing Director of T3 Systems said: “The product is adapting to new technologies using its fantastic versatility. Companies that are involved with the T3 brand and are selling the product can look to the
future with confidence. This projection mapping project by Olson is just a small part of the diverse project and technology road map that we have in store.”


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