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Global Display help Burberry lift-off

Celebrating the magic of flight, the famous British brand Burberry installed a full size hot air balloon in Heathrow Terminal 2 - complete with staged mannequins to celebrate the British long distance inflight balloon record. One of the pilots on this famous flight wore a Burberry gabardine to protect him from
the severe hardships of cold at high altitude. Completing the scene (and showcasing the latest Burberry fashion) are a collection of mannequins, each one modified to create the diorama of the momentous occasion.

The figures were specially commissioned by Burberry for this unique installation, utilising the artists at Global Displays London workshop to finely craft the body forms into each individual pose. Because of the uniqueness of the installation and the desire to create a scene as though caught in the moment of lift off, every single mannequin had to be modified and developed with no two mannequins remaining identical. From the sitting figure atop the basket to the ones releasing the ropes, the Global Display artists worked from sketches, photographs and with the Burberry creative team to ensure the mannequins told the story of the moment of departure to its fullest effect.

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