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Shopfitting Warehouse Spice Up Their Lives

“SpiceUp is the biggest touring exhibition of Spice Girls memorabilia in the world. With hundreds of iconic costume pieces from the Spice Girls heyday as well as many thousands of items of merchandise and memorabilia it is a fantastic trip down pop music history for any Spice Girls or music fan.”

When Curator and self-professed Spice Girl Number One fan, Alan Smith-Allison decided to offer the world sight of his unrivalled personal collection of Spice Girls memorabilia, he knew he would have girls (and some boys) of a certain age lining the streets for tickets, as seen when his idols hit stardom.
The touring exhibition started in August at the Business Design Centre, London, customary to The Spice Girls, the UK city that propelled them to fame and notability. The five feisty girls sparked a new wave in popular culture during the mid-90’s, stemmed from Britain’s pop music ancestry home, London, earning them their place in music history.

SpiceUp aims to recapture the spirit of those heady days and the empowering message of Girl Power that the fab five brought to their marketing in the wake of a glut of boy bands taking over the pop charts at the time. This soon became their motto and to every girl in Britain and before long, worldwide. With every fantastic concept, so requires reliable support. This is where Shopfitting Warehouse enters the proverbial stage. Presentation is paramount so when the director of SpiceUp contacted Shopfitting Warehouse for mannequins and barrier posts, he knew he’d gone to the right place.

The exhibition has over 300 Spice Girls outfits on display, including outfits from the Spice World movie, dresses worn by the girls at the 1995 & 1997 BRIT awards, from performances on Saturday Night Live, clothes worn on music video appearances, Pepsi promotional outfits and the iconic Girl Power basque worn by Geri Halliwell, shown above.

All is kept immaculate while on show and behind a string of protective barrier posts, to keep straying hands off these precious designs and just in case a flurry of Girl Excitement breaks out!
SpiceUp will be at Watford’s Intu Shopping Centre from 15 November - 31 December before touring worldwide.

For great presentation of your outfits, costumes, or memorabilia take a look at Shopfitting Warehouse’s full range of mannequins. Available in poses with attitude, or relaxed and cool, whatever you’re looking for, they have one that will make your merchandising holler, zig-a-zig-ah!

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