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Propability delivers industrial chic to Fenwick Bond Street

Propability worked alongside the Fenwick of Bond Street Visual Merchandising team to create this impressive window display delivering an industrial yet sophisticated merchandise display. Themed ‘Piping Hot’ the concept was brought to life by Propability – designing scaffolding style shelving which was sprayed in various colours. Instead of using scaffolding planks bespoke clear acrylic shelves were created to create a lighter element to the display on which to position key merchandise.

Propability incorporated waste pipes that bend up, down and across the windows - which were sprayed in similar colours - with others treated in a gold chrome which added further to the overall sense of luxury.
Overall, nearly 50 metres of 160mm diameter pipes were used turning around 20 bends! The display was completed on the exterior of the building with two sets of U-bend pipes attached to the outside of the window to give the scheme some extra dynamism.

The effect is a stunning contrast of industry layered with sophistication. The merchandise on display offers an additional decadence and style which completes the theme.

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