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Venus Illuminated Pavement Sign

Brand new and exclusive to W&Co for 2015, the ‘Venus’ illuminated pavement sign is a major advance from non-illuminated A-Boards and forecourt signs that retailers have been waiting for. With adjustable brightness modes, this premium freestanding portable sign enables businesses to deliver effective advertising day and night.

Designed to accept A1 size posters, changing graphics is made easy with the use of hinged opening polycarbonate front covers and metal poster clips at the top.

The prints are kept totally secure and dry as they are fully protected with a secure locking system and the covers have seals on to ensure the unit is weatherproof, rated at IP64.

The pavement sign illuminates the poster with a high bright LED light panel powered by a rechargeable lithium battery sourced from the aerospace industry, which combines high power with reduced weight and is hidden securely inside the base. In addition, the battery life is an unmatched 18 hours from a single charge.

The base can be filled with water for extra stability and has wheels for ease of portability and storage; to make moving the sign even easier it also comes with a wheeled trolley.

The ‘Venus’ illuminated pavement sign makes your advertisements more noticeable to customers on the high street or forecourt and makes your company visible at all hours.

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