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New Helium Saving Balloon Valve from B-loony

Tests have shown that the HSV™ can save up to 30% of the amount of helium gas normally required to fill a latex balloon.

The clever little invention (international patent applied for) is inserted into the neck of a latex balloon, and works by drawing air into the balloon at the same time as inflating it with helium gas from a cylinder.
James Clephan, B-Loony’s Production Director, stated: “Being so light, the balloons still float for at least 6 hours which is typical of most other balloon valves. Importantly, they are also child-safe and EN-71 Toy Safety tested.”

The valve, which also features a handy pre-attached length of ribbon is set to make an enormous difference to the balloon industry. Users of the HSV™ will not only save money on helium balloon gas, but will reduce demand for the scarce resource and lessen the subsequent impact on the environment.
As the demand for helium balloon gas increases, so too does the need for the raw material from which it is recycled, which is why B-Loony Ltd, the UK’s leading balloon printer has developed the world’s first helium saving balloon valve, or HSV™ for short.

Kris Baker, Marketing Manager commented: “Nature has given us the rubber latex from which we make balloons and the helium gas we fill them with, it is our duty at B-Loony Ltd to help sustain these precious resources.

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