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Great New Tube and Clamp Kits from Shopfitting Warehouse

If you are looking to update your current display or have a storage project in mind, these sleek new designs and concept kits will provide all you need to get the job completed quickly and easily.

Hard-wearing and long-lasting, the timeless beauty of quality steel adds a sophisticated touch along with a trusted durability for a robust construction.

Versatile chrome fixtures and fittings, this ever-popular display choice is now available in a variety of nifty kits:
• The Wall-Mounted Chrome Tube Kit includes a choice of a 1m, 2m or 3 m, 25mm tubing, along with coordinating wall-fix arms and end caps. Functional and eye-catching wall display for any fashion outlet, boutique store or sportswear shop. Equally useful in the kitchen for easy access to pans and accessories, or in the home for hanging clothes or personal artefacts.

• Suspended Chrome Tube Kit – 1, 2 and 3m tube sets with support arms and end support arms. Intended for attaching to ceilings, beams or bars in order to drape items from a required height. A simple yet effective suspended system which can be used for a host of practical applications.

• Wardrobe/Alcove Chrome Tube Kit – Various tube lengths available, all come with wall sockets, but with the option of a wall-fix or standard support arm, depending on your preference and suitability to your project in hand. As the name suggests if you are planning a bespoke cupboard, hanging area or walk-in-wardrobe, these kit are the perfect solution.

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