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Pixalux® a totally new way to illuminate products and graphics

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find a single product that could support and illuminate products without any shadows or hot spots? This product would also allow light to illuminate above and below the shelf creating an incredibly bright display that is incredibly eco-efficient.

In addition the display would be so bright you could reduce the cost of your general lighting within the store. Sounds amazing and expensive! You could save money but more importantly you are more likely to see a leap in your sales. The bright clean light with no shadows will enhance the appearance of any product, adding value and making it far easier to sell.

And that is not all – this product is load bearing and can be used to build structures and point of sale units. You can even apply graphics straight to the surface and there no dots to cover up. Sounds too good to be true and there is even more. You can digitally print logos straight onto the surface and the material is extremely flat and smooth.

Well you can now have all the above. Fairfield Displays & Lighting are launching Pixalux® which has never been seen in Europe before. There is nothing else on the market anything like it.

Pixalux was launched at the Retail Design Expo show in March.

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