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arken Slimlite LED lightboxes are a box office smash

Newmarket-based design agency arken P-O-P supply a range of graphic display products to many sectors including the entertainment industry. Installed in March in the lobby of Empire Cinema’s new complex in Ipswich, these banks of Slimlite LED lightboxes display both original film posters of cinema classics including Pulp Fiction and Close Encounters, alongside those promoting the latest theatrical releases. The lightboxes create a stunning focal point and have been designed to capture the eye ofcinema-goers, who share Empire Cinema’s love of film.

Paul Smart, Business Development Director forarken’s graphic display division said: “Aside from the iconic poster displays, they also provide the opportunity to showcase what’s coming next to the cinema in a way that stands out. In this method, they add to the business side of customer retention.”





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