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Suzuki accelerates sales thanks to W&Co illuminated signs

Suzuki has been on a recent drive to increase customer sales globally through innovative marketing solutions and encouraging customers to go in to more welcoming dealerships. Suzuki reviewed the vast portfolio of work W&Co had undertaken with high end automotive clients such as BMW, MINI, Land Rover and Ford to name a few and was confident W&Co was the right company to work with to realise their ambitions.

W&Co was approached direct by Suzuki Caribbean, based in Guadeloupe and Martinique, and asked the company to develop and manufacture illuminated signage and displays for several dealerships across the Caribbean islands. Using W&Co's wealth of knowledge and expertise in displays, signage and commercial automotive project experience they were able to supply everything Suzuki needed.

In the Guadeloupe car showroom W&Co manufactured individual illuminated built up letters which were mounted to a curved canopy over the dealership entrance making an overall sign width of 8 metres wide. Combined with internal freestanding displays and wall mounted LED light boxes it all helps the car brand standout and encourages more customers to enter the showroom increasing potential sales.

W&Co look forward to designing, developing and manufacturing illuminated displays and signs for more Suzuki Caribbean car showrooms in the future.


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