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A new slant on chrome wire shelving from Shopfitting Warehouse

Shopfitting Warehouse are pleased to offer a new and exciting addition to their much-loved Chrome Wire Shelving range; Slanted Shelves.

Slanted shelving is ideal when high-visibility display is top of the agenda. The angled shelves allow for products to be easily inspected and conveniently accessible for fast pick-up. Perfect for merchandise such as magazines, stationery, medium-sized homewares and DIY items, confectionery and bakery products, clothing and footwear along with presenting irresistible accessories. Great for encouraging impulse-buying, directional special offer promotion or for showing-off an enticing product launch.

Shopfitting Warehouse Chrome Wire slanted shelving units are available in various tier, height and width configurations with a combined straight and slanted option providing a unique alternative. Akin to conventional Chrome Wire Shelving, the slanted range is fully adjustable whereby each shelf can be easily modified every 25 mm. A large selection of coordinated accessories suitable for this range adds an extra dimension to its commercial usability.

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