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Re-inventing Retail with Shopfitting Warehouse

Retail is reinventing itself. Success in the ever-evolving retail environment means anticipating a more connected customer who wants something different from their in-store experience. People expect to find something that they cannot get from online shopping, a tangible experience where they can touch, trial and feel a product. The vision should be to bring shoppers and retailers together through personalisation, creating an exciting customer experience which challenges the ideals of the everyday purchasing journey.
Human beings are programmed to respond to emotion, making many important decisions based on how we feel, and this is influenced by the environment around us. Making purchases based on emotion is nothing new so the most successful retail spaces have always appealed to the heart, not the mind, this impulse is usually what creates the action! If we take this philosophy and apply it to our showrooms it could translate as; be inspiring, be adventurous and bold, or why bother? It’s possible that if you are not inspiring people then your display could just be simply ‘existing’.

The key is to create a focus… an energy which should run seamlessly into all aspects of the customer journey in your store. This is a great time to re-evaluate your shop-floor, the layout and most importantly the experience you want your customer to take away from your brand.

So, what should you consider when planning a point of sale concept to engage and excite your target consumer and how do you go about incorporating necessities with the ‘wow’ factor? Shopfitting Warehouse have some great ideas and solutions for a range of sectors from retail fashion to garden centres. If you are fitting out, perhaps refurbishing, improving your shop-floor, or simply setting out your latest seasonal trends and promotions, get some inspiration and have a browse to see how each display can help create a positive and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

For more inspiration visit their Showroom Inspiration page,

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