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Ormiston Wire celebrates 225 years as a family business

Ormiston Wire Ltd is celebrating 225 years as a family led manufacturing business.

Founded in 1793 (the same year Marie Antoinette had her head removed and the Louvre was founded) the company has survived recessions, wars, depressions, bombings, a decline in manufacturing, and has moved into Europe. Ormiston Wire Ltd began in the City of London, making spring-wire for corsets and wigs. This was in the days before rubber. Today they have manufacturing facilities in Isleworth, west London and Redditch in the Midlands.

The company are able to manufacture almost any type of wire for almost any type of application. Their manufacturing processes can accommodate either ferrous or non-ferrous wire or strands including copper, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, steel, aluminium, nickel chrome., to any size or length. They include facilities for rolling, winding, rewinding, spooling, braiding, bunching, stranding and plastic coating, according to specification.

They supply all types of wire including locking wire, seizing wire, micro cables, fittings and components.
Ormiston Wire has a wide varied world-wide customer base, including : Marine, Medical, Aviation, Engineering, Space, Retail Display, Transport, Horology, Musical, Leisure, Transport and Gardening ; Ormiston supply within nearly every industry imaginable.

The company believes that they have survived for so long though luck, being environmentally conscious and their flexibility to change..

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