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Kendu & Galeries Lafayette scoop first in VMSD International Visual competition

The awards keep on coming for Kendu In-Store Visual Solutions with the Galeries Lafayette “Spectacular Spectacular” Christmas windows receiving First Place for Holiday Window Displays in VMSD’s Annual International Visual Competition. The unique combination of the traditional decorative elements combined with Flowbox, the award-winning dynamic LED display, to create a sense of fun was praised by the judges.

“I find it interesting; I think the elements are something that draw you in,” said judge Jaime Cornelius, Creative Director at ChangeUp Inc. “They remind me of old-school Christmas windows, but with a new take on tradition that is a little bit quirky.”

Flowbox, the new generation of dynamic LED displays, combines printed visuals with motion effects and dynamic animation. Since launching in early 2017, Flowbox has been honoured with 15 awards and recognitions for both its product innovation and visual merchandising projects. Now with a simplified 3-step set-up, it’s easier than ever to install in-store. Available exclusively via Kendu, Flowbox can be combined with new special effect textiles featuring 3D effects that change depending on the perspective and clear, reflective mirror-like textiles.

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